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Supported and strengthened by a sublime team of 10 technical specialists and programmers, Paul Vliek and Danny Mispelblom are the driving and inspiring force behind Web Affinity. With enthusiasm, care and more than 40 years of combined experience, they focus on designing, building, hosting, maintaining and improving websites and webshops, on a daily basis.


Has been an IT expert since 1985. He likes to take a methodical view of things and he prefers to test applications more than once. Paul is a loyal supporter of two of his daughters who play soccer professionally and you're allowed to wake him up at night for his special cup of coffee. Paul is someone who sees issues and problems not only on time, he often is a step ahead of them. A strong point, if you think about it.


Breathes images, is fascinated by language, easily forgets to take a break and is crazy for sushi and sashimi. His passion for webdesign and HTML took off in 2005. A logo either fascinates or disappoints him. Danny likes to go in-depth and has this thing for blue bluestripe snappers. He believes that not every void must be filled and reckons creativity and imagination can both be learned and cultivated.

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