Making existing websites mobile friendly

Making existing websites mobile friendly

Is your website not mobile friendly? Then you risk losing visitors.

We convert existing websites and webshops into fully responsive versions, mobile and tablet friendly, regardless of complexity and size. This ensures that the website will be displayed correctly and neatly on every device and browser. Visitors won’t have to zoom in and out anymore or scroll horizontally.

Reasons why

Three important reasons for a mobile-friendly website are visibility in Google search results, an increase in usage of smartphones and tablets and mobile use becoming the standard. Since the beginning of 2015, responsiveness or mobile friendliness is taken into account by Google when ranking or positioning a website in search results. In short, if a website or webshop is not mobile-friendly, it is demonstrably harder to find. Moreover, people are increasingly surfing the internet with a smartphone or tablet. Since 2014, there have been more users globally who surf the web with a phone than with a laptop, notebook or desktop PC. Last but not least, financial service providers and banks such as ABN Amro, ING and Rabobank want us to shop using our smartphone. Phone and tablet use is increasingly becoming the standard of our modern society.

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